Do I need a bookkeeper or an accountant?

Well, you may need both but if your tax affairs are simple, eg you’re self employed and on self assessment, then you should only need a bookkeeper, which is a lot cheaper. One thing you definitely do not want to do is use an accountant for routine bookkeeping duties!
Accountants are expensive but they can save you money if your tax affairs are complex and you’re making large profits. Generally, they should be brought in after all the bookkeeping has been done and taken to trial balance. Get your bookkeeper to liaise with your accountant: they speak the same language. Accountants analyse your bookkeeping data to do your final accounts and save you money on taxes.
For more info see What is bookkeeping?
and FAQ: What’s the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?
If you think you need a bookkeeper and you’re in the Bristol area I may be able to help. Check out my services and please get in touch.

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