Stationery etc…

Download Sales_invoice.doc - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Sales invoice
Very simple, minimalist, sales invoice that might be useful if you don’t already have one.

Download Sales_VAT_invoice.doc - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Sales VAT Invoice
Simple sales VAT invoice with the bare minimum of information required by law if you’re VAT registered and sell to someone who is similarly encumbered.

Download Petty_cash_vouchers.pdf - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Petty cash vouchers
Don’t forget what you’ve spent cash on and when! Keep a bunch of these in your petty cash box to fill out and staple to your till receipts.

Download Mileage_log.pdf - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Mileage log
A simple mileage log to print out and keep in the glove compartment.

Download Bank_reconciliation_statement.pdf - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Bank reconciliation statement
Ensure your record keeping is accurate by reconciling your numbers with those on your bank statement.

Excel Worksheets

Download Cashbook.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Analysed cashbook
Keep track of your income and expenditure in a format that easily translates to boxes on your tax return. (This is a very simple cashbook spreadsheet that does the bare minimum required of it but watch this space for improvements to come!)

Download Rolling_turnover.xlsx - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Rolling turnover worksheet
Do you need to be VAT registered?
This worksheet tracks your rolling turnover so you can work out how close to the VAT threshold you’re getting.

Download Sales_forecast.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Sales forecasting worksheet
Forecast future sales to help with cash flow forecasting.

Download Cash_flow_forecast.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Cash flow forecasting worksheets
Forecast the future profitability of your business to ensure safe and reliable budgetting.
Impress your bank manager the next time you need an overdraft or loan.

Download Personal_expenditure.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Personal expenditure worksheet
Work out the required drawings to keep you in the manner to which you’ve become accoustomed.

Download Approved_mileage_calculator.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Approved mileage calculator
Calculate HMRC approved mileage rate expense allowances for cars & vans, motor cycles and bicycles.

Download Mileage_log.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Mileage log worksheet
Very simple mileage log worksheet.

Download Bank_reconciliation_worksheet.xls - Right-click then 'Save link/target as...'Bank reconciliation worksheet
Ensure your record keeping is accurate by reconciling its numbers with those of your bank.